Anna Spangfort 5 dan Aikikai

aikido camp in Mushindokan dojo 

February 2017

training schedule

17/2: 19.30-21.30

18/2: 11.00-12.15 & 12.30-14.00

 19/2: 11.00-12.15 & 12.30-14.00

Anna Spangfort 5 dan Aikikai, Kyoshi (teacher license) Katori Shinto Ryu 

Born in Stockholm1964, married to Peter Spangfort 2012. Aikido has been a part of Anna's life since 1984, children and studies gave a break of about 10 years. 2004 Anna was uschideshi in Kobayashi Dojo in Japan for 6 weeks. In 2005 she began practicing Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryo and Aikido with Peter Spangfort and since then Peter Spangfort has been her most important sensei in both Katori and Aikido. Anna regularly go to Japan for training with Sugawara Sensei, Igarashi Sensei and various senseis at Hombu dojo. Anna also attends many seminars in Sweden and Europe preferable with Yamashima Sensei, Kuriabayashi Sensei amongst others.

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